Apestorm – Full Bananas

Unleash nature’s retribution upon mankind with apes’ unstoppable bombing rampage.


Apestorm Logo
Genre: 2D side-scrolling zeppelin bombing action game set in a steampunk world
Platforms: iOS, Android
Release date28 April, 2016


Fugitive Apes have taken to the skies to seek revenge after being subjected to the destructive nature of mankind for far too long. Command their steampunk zeppelin and gain points by carefully dropping bombs on factories,  warehouses, and other man made objects. Adjust the zeppelin’s speed and altitude to alter range, missile trajectory and to ensure pinpoint precision. Free fellow apes from captivity and target your enemies with the utmost exactitude for ultimate high scores; avoiding trees, birds and everything else considered important to Apekind.



Key Features

  • Thrilling bombing mayhem with juicy explosions and sweet destruction effects

  • 9 Earth-shattering power-ups to enhance your zeppelin’s abilities

  • Unique and challenging level objectives

  • 20 levels to unlock and complete

  • Intense boss battle



World Setting

The Earth is sick and tired of humans: it is almost buried in their wastes, scarred with their industrial infrastructure, and suffocated with steam and smoke of their machines. She cries out for help! But who else could answer the nature’s call if not primates, the smartest of her minions? Three remarkable apes who have been kept as guinea-pigs in humans’ cruel genetic experiments at a secret research facility escape and rise the nature’s rebellion against the human plague. They catch enemy unawares and capture a prototype bomber zeppelin equipped with the latest technology to unleash their wrath on their captors. So begins the story of fierce retribution which humanity will remember as Apecalypse! Play as three insurgent primate bombers in our awesome fast-paced steampunk 2D scroll-shooter Apestorm – Full Bananas to help restore primordial justice and find out how it all eventually ended.

Intro Video

Gameplay Trailer

Game Screenshots

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