About Us

Simply deep games with awesome visuals for core gamers

Snowhound Logo
Snowhound Games
Founded: December 2015
Based: Jyväskylä, Finland


To offer distinct, immersive and accomplished video game experiences through developing visually appealing and gameplay-wise demanding 2D games for a diversity of players, but primarily, seasoned and hardcore video gamers who value depth, challenge and distinguished visual art style.


We are small but very versatile team comprised of six game enthusiasts and software, information technology, digital art and electronic business professionals. We are different in almost everything: age, nationality, tastes, habits. But there’s one thing which brought us together – our sheer passion towards video games!

Snowhound team was established in June 2014 by seven members of specialized Game Developers Training course held in JAMK University of Applied Sciences. About the same time we started to develop our debut mobile game title Apestorm: Full Bananas which we finally released on AppStore and GooglePlay in April 2016. Our team has seen its highs and lows, folks come and go, but we have never lost neither our chosen path nor our great resolve to eventually succeed.

We are Snowhound – too brisk to calm down, too hardy to lose!

Welcome our hounds:

Joel Hujala

a.k.a. Moneybag

COO & Chairman of the Board

Dmytro Zhovtobryukh

a.k.a. Chatterbox

CEO & PR Manager

Simo Kovanen

a.k.a. Graphomancer

Art Director & Graphic Artist

Topi Paavola

a.k.a. Framerate Cop

Lead Programmer & CTO

Tapio Hänninen

a.k.a. Daydreamer

Game Designer & Voice Actor