Potion Tycoon’s 6-month anniversary update

Potion Tycoon's 6-month anniversary update arrived!

Greetings, potion magnates!

Yesterday marked the 6-month anniversary of Potion Tycoon in Steam Early Access! Looking back at our humble beginnings we admit that during this time Potion Tycoon has already shaped into a much better game – thanks to your active contribution above all else!

To celebrate this occasion we’ve got something special cooked for you – a brand-new game update along with a nice discount!

“Brick & Mortar”, our third major EA update, brings plenty of new content and long-awaited improvements for you to enjoy. But most importantly it adds a new location to start your potion business at – Floodlands. There you will not only find a diverse scenery to behold, but also some ample construction space to build your potion emporium within. Besides that you’ll be finally able to construct wider rooms and move entire premises around your potion house as you like.

Do be sure to check out the new trailer below as it highlights some of both new and previous game features and enhancements we have introduced during Early Access. And if you finally choose to join Potion Tycoon’s EA community, please, share your feedback and let us know how you liked the “Brick & Mortar” update. We are still as enthusiastic as ever and keep working hard to make Potion Tycoon the best game it can be for old and new fans of tycoon games alike.

Potion Tycoon is currently available for purchase on Steam. To celebrate the 6-month anniversary in Early Access the game is offered at a special promotion price until September 27, 2023.

Bewitchingly yours,
Snowhound Games

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Potion Tycoon is Out on Steam Early Access!

Potion Tycoon is OUT!

The wait is over, future magnates! You can finally kick off your potion business for real as Potion Tycoon is out on Steam Early Access now!

Potion Tycoon is a cozy but challenging potion shop management simulator with a witchy twist, wrapped in Snowhound’s brand comic-esque art style.

Build and fit up your very own potion house. Hire and manage your crew. Design and launch your custom potion products. Set up and optimize production lines. Cater for and cherish your clientele. Serve special requests from VIP customers. Research new technologies and equipment and expand your shop. Last but not least, beat your competitors to stay on top.

Check out the EA launch trailer below and find out what exactly you can expect to see and do in Potion Tycoon at the start of Early Access.

As Potion Tycoon is out on Steam Early Access now, it’s going to spend there at least some eight months. During this time, it will receive numerous updates and improvements. On top of that, we also plan to expand it with a load of new content, such as random events, quests, factions, recipes, starting locations, etc. If you want to influence how the game evolves towards its full release, join Potion Tycoon’s EA community now!

The path to the ultimate success may be long and thorny – do you think you have what it takes to become a potion magnate? Well, just sharpen your business acumen, grab the game now and let’s find out.

Potion Tycoon is currently available for purchase on Steam.

Embark on this exciting adventure with us and help us bring Potion Tycoon to its full greatness and splendor! Welcome to Potion Tycoon!

Bewitchingly yours,
Snowhound Games

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Potion Tycoon Holiday Demo Available

Rejoice, potion brewers!

Just in time for the coming festive season, we’ve got a nice little treat for you to enjoy!

You can play a new winter themed demo of Potion Tycoon throughout the Holiday season and see for yourselves what kind of game it is ahead of its upcoming release in 2023.

Whether you are a newcomer or a returning player, the demo is worth checking out as we have added quite a lot of polish and gameplay enhancements since the last showcase. And then we’ve also spruced it up with a good serving of thematic visuals to properly plunge you into the Holiday spirit and mood! Behold the world of Potion Tycoon turned into a magnificent winter wonderland covered in beautiful fluffy snow! Watch your house crew wear lovely festive outfits! And decorate your potion shop with Christmas trees, stockings and lights to make that cozy holiday feel even stronger!

Please try the Potion Tycoon holiday demo while it’s available and let us know what you think.


We look forward to your feedback!

Happy Holidays!

Potion Tycoon Demo on Steam!

Hey! We’ve got some good news for you! A fresh demo version of Potion Tycoon, Snowhound’s next management/simulation game, currently in development, is now live on Steam as part of the ongoing Steam Next Fest event! It will be available for free download until February 28, 2022.

If you are into the management/simulation video games genre or just a true fan of Snowhound and our previous products (yes, we know you exist, guys!), make sure to check out this new Potion Tycoon demo while it’s still there to try! In these desperate times, when some people choose to wage war and spread terror in real life, we would like to bring peace to your mind and warmth to your heart, even if just for a short while, by welcoming you to our cute and peaceful little virtual elixir shop simulator.

Download the demo on Steam today and make sure to wishlist Potion Tycoon if you like it:


And please, leave us your feedback via the link in the game – thank you!

Potion Tycoon is a management simulator with a witchy twist! Build and develop your very own magic shop. Manage resources, set up production lines, mix potions and sell them smartly to stay ahead of the competition. Welcome to the potion business!

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Potion Tycoon Announced!

This day has finally come! After almost one and a half year of silent but hard work, we are happy to announce Snowhound’s next game title – Potion Tycoon!

On September 9th, 2021, our publishing partners from Daedalic Entertainment officially revealed the game to the public by releasing Potion Tycoon’s teaser video on the web.

We all are but thrilled to get it over to you! It may be short, but we feel that along with the accompanying description it sets the right tone and lifts the veil over our new creation just enough to give you a clue what to expect.

“Have you ever wanted to manage your very own Potion-brewing industry? Build and develop your magic shop in Potion Tycoon, a management sim with a witchy twist! Manage resources, set up production, mix potions and stay ahead of the competition!”

Excited yet? You should be!

Check out the announcement trailer below. Do you recognize Snowhound’s brand comic art-style oozing from it? Enjoy how nicely it blends with the dark but playful Tim Burton-esque atmosphere we chose for Potion Tycoon. Also note that the video is heavily based on real in-game footage and artwork!

Like what you see? Make sure to wishlist the game on Steam and follow us on Facebook or Twitter for further details.

Stay tuned for more! Potion Tycoon will arrive on Steam Early Access in 2022.

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Snowhound just turned 5!

Snowhound game studio celebrates its fifth anniversary!

Five years ago, on this very day, the first day of winter (a good symbolism, huh?) our little snow cub was born. It was silly and clumsy at first, but through all the obstacles, all the hardships, all the challenges, all ups and downs along the way it eventually got this far.

What a ride it’s been! Two published games to date and more coming soon – so far so good!

Thank you so much everyone who supported us during this years and enjoyed what we’ve been doing! There’s more to come and we look to the future with more excitement and optimism than ever. The story of Snowhound continues, so stay tuned!

Deep Sky Derelicts: Definitive Edition released!

Deep Sky Derelicts: Definitive Edition released

Hello scavengers!

After almost four years of non-stop development, expansion and polishing and one and a half years since its release on PC, Deep Sky Derelicts has finally hit the shelves of game stores on Playstation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch!

Deep Sky Derelicts: Definitive Edition is the ultimate version of the game that includes all game updates released up to now along with two major content expansions “New Prospects” and “Station Life” launched earlier in 2020 on PC. On top of these, at Definitive Edition launch the game received controller support, re-worked and polished UI, all-round AI and balance overhaul, improved combat feedback, expanded tutorial and numerous other enhancements and tweaks.

Check out this brand new DSD: Definitive Edition console launch trailer…

… and visit your preferred game store if you decided to support us:

Playstation store (US)

Xbox One store (US)

Nintendo Switch store (US)

PC (Steam)

PC (GOG.com)

Good luck to you! And happy scavenging!

Deep Sky Derelicts – Reviewed!

Hey out there, lucky planet dwellers and free citizens!

It’s been awhile since Deep Sky Derelicts was fully released on PC. The game has been warmly received and generated a fairly large following by those who decided to fit on a scavenger suit. As we continue to expand and deepen the Deep Sky world, we expect the flock of these daredevils to grow.

If you haven’t yet made up your mind whether to go to Deep Sky Derelicts to explore their countless wonders and dangers and taste some dirty but thrill inducing scavenger’s life, make sure to check out this collection of critics’ game reviews.

…woohoo, this is deck building for me!” – Rock, Paper, Shotgun​

“While it might not appeal to everyone, the game succeeds in providing a player with a gameplay loop that falls under “just one more turn” category type of addicting.” – KeenGamer

I like Deep Sky Derelicts. It’s literally the embodiment of “easy to pick up, difficult to master” – GameSpace

“If you want to delve into derelicts (space dungeons), then you can hardly find a better game… The action card mechanic is unique and offers interesting solutions to your problems – as well as interesting problems to overcome.” – Barrel Drill

Everything about Deep Sky Derelict seems to have been done right, from the synthwave soundtrack to the lore to the unusual combat system. It’s rare that a game with procedural elements holds my attention for long, and rarer still that an RPG can show me something new. Deep Sky Derelicts has managed to do both and pull it off with a certain ballsy panache.” – Game Spew

“…so far that’s been an absolute blast for me, and something that I look forward to continuing every chance I get.” – Gold-Plated Games

Deep Sky Derelicts is a game that offers something for different types of gamers. It’s a truly awesome gaming experience that caters to the new enthusiasts but is, at the same time, more than challenging enough to be played and loved by the most hardened strategy RPG gamers out there! The tons of little funny details (like the slogan of the shuttle company) within the game make playing it even more fun…” – DumeeGamer

“…there’s a lot to love about it. Its retro-futuristic visual style and atmosphere; the engaging turn-based battles, the different ways to specialize and mix classes – it all serves in crafting an experience clearly built with passion. And looking back, the worthwhile elements do outweigh its underwhelming aspects.” – NoobFeed​

What can I say? I loved this game. I loved the strategy, I loved the art, I loved the minimalist animations, I loved the rocketpunk setting, I loved it all. It’s got the right amount of challenge without making me want to curl up in a ball and sniffle… (Deep Sky Derelicts) didn’t break ground, but they took a lot of familiar things and applied them in a new way, and did it in such a fashion to deliver a very enjoyable experience, especially for a 20 dollar game.” – OnRPG.com

“Deep Sky Derelicts is a lot of fun and, truthfully, it fits the age-old gaming trope, “Easy to pick up, difficult to master”. Anyone can jump in and feel successful in short bursts of game time. Those who love the intricacies of nuanced gaming will love plotting the perfect party and combinations of abilities. The replayability of DSD is astonishing.” – MMORPG.com

Deep Sky Derelicts is a bleak and gorgeous look at retro sci-fi exploration that, just like the movies that inspired it, does so much more than one would expect with the little it gives you to start.” – Screen Rant

“All I can say is that Deep Sky Derelicts is very fun and very addictive!” – Hey Poor Player

8 out of 10” – Turn-Based Lovers

“…for its unusual art style and variety of game options that can keep players coming back for more, Deep Sky Derelicts deserves an 8.3/10” – Gaming Cypher

Over all I found Deep Sky Derelicts to be incredibly fun, frustrating, and interesting in equal parts.” – The Insatiable Gamer

“…it does something a little different with a formula that’s become all too familiar, and it’s a solidly presented game in an interesting world.” – The Mad Welshman​

Game Score: DEAL. If you like strategy games, you must give Deep Sky Derelicts a try.” – GamerDeal

Convinced yet? Then go grab the game on Steam or GOG.com

Deep Sky Derelicts leaves Steam Early Access!

Hello scavengers!

We are proud to announce that Deep Sky Derelicts, the award-winning “comic book” -looking retro sci-fi tactical RPG with rogue-like elements and card combat, has just fully launched for PC, Mac & Linux via Steam at $19.99 following the successful Early Access campaign!

On the full release the game was given a hefty update for you to enjoy the full story campaign, improved game balance, UI overhaul, overall polish, Steam achievements and trading cards and much more!

Check out the official launch trailer.

And grab the game on Steam: Deep Sky Derelicts.

Deep Sky Derelicts Wiki is up!!!

Hello scavengers,

We would like to invite you to help us build the official Deep Sky Derelicts wiki which we set up for you in collaboration with Gamepedia. If you feel like you know a thing or two about dark corners of derelicts and Deep Sky universe, make sure to come and share your valuable knowledge with rookie scavengers. Your contribution will surely count!

DSD Wiki

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