Potion Tycoon Holiday Demo Available

Rejoice, potion brewers!

Just in time for the coming festive season, we’ve got a nice little treat for you to enjoy!

You can play a new winter themed demo of Potion Tycoon throughout the Holiday season and see for yourselves what kind of game it is ahead of its upcoming release in 2023.

Whether you are a newcomer or a returning player, the demo is worth checking out as we have added quite a lot of polish and gameplay enhancements since the last showcase. And then we’ve also spruced it up with a good serving of thematic visuals to properly plunge you into the Holiday spirit and mood! Behold the world of Potion Tycoon turned into a magnificent winter wonderland covered in beautiful fluffy snow! Watch your house crew wear lovely festive outfits! And decorate your potion shop with Christmas trees, stockings and lights to make that cozy holiday feel even stronger!

Please try the Potion Tycoon holiday demo while it’s available and let us know what you think.


We look forward to your feedback!

Happy Holidays!