Deep Sky Derelicts – ANNOUNCED!

We are happy to announce Deep Sky Derelicts, a new game title for PC we’ve been working on.

In a world where resources are scarce and danger is behind every corner, each breath of that cheap synthetic air can be your last.



Aristocratic elite in the Deep Sky have occupied the precious Mother Planets leaving the less fortunate, stateless, to live on space stations, mining colonies and large forgotten drifting spaceships, commonly known as the Derelicts. The biggest dream of our protagonist is to someday become a citizen – to be granted the right to live on one of the Mother Planets, the only places that still have non-synthetic biospheres, plants and animals. But such a social climb is a rare feat that only a few stateless people have accomplished…



Explore abandoned space ships.



Find precious scrap and gear.



Engage in turn-based tactical combat.



Uncover the truth behind the origin of the Derelicts.



Platform: PC

Steam Early Access: 2017

Excitement: over 9000!