Deep Sky Derelicts – Reviewed!

Hey out there, lucky planet dwellers and free citizens!

It’s been awhile since Deep Sky Derelicts was fully released on PC. The game has been warmly received and generated a fairly large following by those who decided to fit on a scavenger suit. As we continue to expand and deepen the Deep Sky world, we expect the flock of these daredevils to grow.

If you haven’t yet made up your mind whether to go to Deep Sky Derelicts to explore their countless wonders and dangers and taste some dirty but thrill inducing scavenger’s life, make sure to check out this collection of critics’ game reviews.

…woohoo, this is deck building for me!” – Rock, Paper, Shotgun​

“While it might not appeal to everyone, the game succeeds in providing a player with a gameplay loop that falls under “just one more turn” category type of addicting.” – KeenGamer

I like Deep Sky Derelicts. It’s literally the embodiment of “easy to pick up, difficult to master” – GameSpace

“If you want to delve into derelicts (space dungeons), then you can hardly find a better game… The action card mechanic is unique and offers interesting solutions to your problems – as well as interesting problems to overcome.” – Barrel Drill

Everything about Deep Sky Derelict seems to have been done right, from the synthwave soundtrack to the lore to the unusual combat system. It’s rare that a game with procedural elements holds my attention for long, and rarer still that an RPG can show me something new. Deep Sky Derelicts has managed to do both and pull it off with a certain ballsy panache.” – Game Spew

“…so far that’s been an absolute blast for me, and something that I look forward to continuing every chance I get.” – Gold-Plated Games

Deep Sky Derelicts is a game that offers something for different types of gamers. It’s a truly awesome gaming experience that caters to the new enthusiasts but is, at the same time, more than challenging enough to be played and loved by the most hardened strategy RPG gamers out there! The tons of little funny details (like the slogan of the shuttle company) within the game make playing it even more fun…” – DumeeGamer

“…there’s a lot to love about it. Its retro-futuristic visual style and atmosphere; the engaging turn-based battles, the different ways to specialize and mix classes – it all serves in crafting an experience clearly built with passion. And looking back, the worthwhile elements do outweigh its underwhelming aspects.” – NoobFeed​

What can I say? I loved this game. I loved the strategy, I loved the art, I loved the minimalist animations, I loved the rocketpunk setting, I loved it all. It’s got the right amount of challenge without making me want to curl up in a ball and sniffle… (Deep Sky Derelicts) didn’t break ground, but they took a lot of familiar things and applied them in a new way, and did it in such a fashion to deliver a very enjoyable experience, especially for a 20 dollar game.” –

“Deep Sky Derelicts is a lot of fun and, truthfully, it fits the age-old gaming trope, “Easy to pick up, difficult to master”. Anyone can jump in and feel successful in short bursts of game time. Those who love the intricacies of nuanced gaming will love plotting the perfect party and combinations of abilities. The replayability of DSD is astonishing.” –

Deep Sky Derelicts is a bleak and gorgeous look at retro sci-fi exploration that, just like the movies that inspired it, does so much more than one would expect with the little it gives you to start.” – Screen Rant

“All I can say is that Deep Sky Derelicts is very fun and very addictive!” – Hey Poor Player

8 out of 10” – Turn-Based Lovers

“…for its unusual art style and variety of game options that can keep players coming back for more, Deep Sky Derelicts deserves an 8.3/10” – Gaming Cypher

Over all I found Deep Sky Derelicts to be incredibly fun, frustrating, and interesting in equal parts.” – The Insatiable Gamer

“…it does something a little different with a formula that’s become all too familiar, and it’s a solidly presented game in an interesting world.” – The Mad Welshman​

Game Score: DEAL. If you like strategy games, you must give Deep Sky Derelicts a try.” – GamerDeal

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