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I am Dmytro Zhovtobryukh, Game Producer at Snowhound game studio based in Jyväskylä, Finland. For the last two years we’ve been working on Apestorm:Full Bananas.

Apestorm is a fast-paced arcade bombing action game, featuring fine hand-drawn 2D steampunk visuals, juicy explosions, earth-shattering power-ups, challenging levels and objectives, as well as fully voiced funny ape characters, whose hilarious commentary will entertain you as you play. In this game you basically fly a zeppelin and drop bombs on all human made objects and structures both in the air and land to score points. As simple as that. Or is it?

As the game has finally hit the shelves of AppStore and GooglePlay today, April 28th, and the Banana Rebellion is already in full swing, I am happy to share a few gameplay tips to help you to fully master Apestorm. Here are my five best hints to become a great player in Apestorm.

Tip 1: Every level in Apestorm offers you 5 different objectives to complete, e.g. destroy all enemies of a specific type, save all trees or score certain amount of points. Completing level objectives rewards you with bananas (one banana per objective with a maximum of 5 per level) which work as in-game currency, allowing you to unlock subsequent levels and impressive power-ups, which change the way you play the game. Try to get as many bananas as you can before you proceed to the next level as this will help you to unlock power-ups earlier. To achieve the best result, it might be just easier to focus on completing one objective at a time.

Tip 2: The game has 9 different power-ups which for a short period of time enhance your zeppelin’s abilities dramatically. For instance, Aim Assist allows you to aim at targets automatically, whereas Eye of the Storm creates a protective shield around your zeppelin, which periodically discharges lightning at the closest target. In order to be used, power-ups must first be unlocked by collecting enough bananas. They are then picked up from crates floating under balloons at certain points on the levels. Not every power-up is effective under all circumstances, so learn their effects and decide whether to grab them or not on case-by-case basis.

Tip 3: Throughout the levels, you will encounter various enemies and friendly creatures, both mobile and stationary. While dealing with foes is pretty straightforward, you should try to save friendly animals at any cost. Thus, apes should be freed from captivity by bombing towers controlling their cages. Cows should be released by accurately hitting the edge of the corral they are held within, whilst birds flying head-on should be simply evaded.

Tip 4: We tried to create really sensitive controls which allow you to maneuver your zeppelin smoothly. What’s more, adjusting zeppelin’s altitude and speed has immediate effect on the bomb trajectory, which with proper skill help you achieve pinpoint accuracy without losing the speed, thus maximizing your final score. Also, to cater for different tastes, we gave you an option to adjust the controls’ visibility and position on the screen. Use that for your benefit. Finally, the targeting indicator at the bottom of the screen helps you in estimating where the bomb will land – learn to use it.

Tip 5: The amount of points you score at each level depends, among other things, on the height and speed at which you drop bombs at targets located on the ground. The higher and faster you fly, the better the score rewards, but also the harder it will be to hit. Find a flying style which works best for you and compete for highscores globally and with your Facebook friends. Experiment! In addition, hitting targets increases score multiplier, while missing them or hitting friendly ones decreases it. Maintaining a high multiplier is key to getting high scores. Note also that destroying friendly creatures and trees give you score penalties, so try to avoid bombing them by all means.

Happy bombing in the skies of Apestorm!

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Don’t go nuts – go bananas!