Tapio’s Voice demos

All recorded at the home office. Edits limited to removal of background noises and bigger gaps between lines, hard limits and a few reverbs for choice voices.

“Barbarian boasting”

“Evil scientist plotting with its minions”

“Ghost of vengeance talking about the demise of his people”

“Heroes about to face the villain”

“World in Turmoil Attenborough-esque”

“Thing from the Thing company ad”

My version of Joker monologue from Killing Joke

“Miscellaneous voices”

Example of Finnish speaking

And here are some creature type of clips:

3 types of random creatures

Sort of a bear

Kind of a werewolf

Warcraft’s Murloc-like voice

Small unintelligible humanoid / Goblin

Clicker-like noises familiar from The Last of Us

Sort of an aggressive infected person / zombie

Ghostly noises